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Black Pomegranate Candle


Bring the rich and warm fragrance of our black pomegranate candle into your home. We love the combination of pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli to create a relaxing environment. Plus the hint of rose lifts the fragrance to give it a beautiful floral freshness.

Our candles burn for 40 hours and they burn clean and even right to the very bottom. The scent will last until the very end of the candle, as we use the highest quality fragrance oils.

Black Pomegranate Diffuser


Enjoy the warm and rich aroma of our black pomegranate fragrance. It combines the fragrance oils of pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli, with a hint of rose. We believe it’s the perfect touch to add to your living room to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Fragrance diffusers make a great alternative to candles. Reeds draw up the oils to release them 24-hours a day into your room, that lasts up to 12 weeks.


Dark Amber Candle


Imagine sitting in plush leather chairs surrounded in front of a flickering fire whenever you light our Dark Amber Candle. It’s the perfect combination of spices, tobacco and citrus for when nights get colder to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Each of our scented candles is hand-poured in the UK using high-quality fragrance oils to ensure the scent lasts from start to finish. Also, they burn clean and even for 40 hours.

Dark Amber Diffuser


A hypnotic fragrance of amber and leather on a base of jasmine, smoky spices and a hint of citrus, make this a truly sophisticated seasonal fragrance. It evokes memories of vintage libraries, with rich leather chairs.

Our reed diffusers use high-quality fragrance oils so the scent lasts from start to finish. They are a great alternative to candles as they last up to 12 weeks and release fragrance 24 hours a day.

Patchouli fragrance is mostly associated with the 1960s, where it was often used neat as a perfume. However, it is used in a variety of fragrances and adds a deep, sweet and spicy scent that works beautifully with a range of other oils.

You may think that it comes from a root; however, the patchouli fragrance comes from the mint family and has small green leaves and soft purple flowers.

It’s a great ingredient within many perfumes as it can enhance and increase the longevity of fragrance oils, especially rose. Also, it helps aid sleep, so you can get a restful night.

Our favourite scents with patchouli fragrance

  • One of our most popular fragrances is Black Pomegranate. It is a delicate combination of patchouli, sandalwood, pomegranate with a hint of rose. It is reminiscent of an opulent Moroccan garden filled with exotic flowers and plants. Also, both sandalwood and rose reduce stress and aid sleep. So, it is the perfect candle to light in a relaxing bath or just before bed to get you a great nights sleep.
  • Try our Dark Amber fragrance with combines patchouli with leather, cedar, warm spices and bergamot for a traditional aroma. It evokes memories of old tobacco shops with deep leather chairs. We love it in living spaces, where you can get the real benefits of soothing patchouli fragrance, to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for you and your guests. We love lighting a Dark Amber candle in the colder evenings. However, our reed diffusers are a perfect alternative if you would like the fragrance all day long.