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Amber fragrance is a combination of several other fragrance oils to create a warm and welcoming scent that we love.

The oils are often a combination of benzoin, labdanum, vanilla or patchouli to create a warm and woody scent that is perfect for the colder seasons. Also, vanilla, in particular, is one of the world’s most famous fragrances, with a range of benefits.

We love a fragrance with the rich tones of Amber in the evenings to help us relax and create a calm environment. Also, lighting a candle just before guests come over to welcome them into your home with warmth.


Our favourite scents with amber fragrance

  • Our signature fragrance Eve at No. 42 uses an amber undertone combined with peach, orange and jasmine for a sophisticated fragrance. This unique scent is perfect all year round and is both relaxing and welcoming in your home. Plus, jasmine has been shown to reduce stress, so it’s perfect just before bed or in the evening to help you sleep.
  • Our Dark Amber fragrance draws on more traditional scents. A combination of leather, cedar, warm spices and bergamot it is reminiscent of an old tobacco shop and deep warm leather chairs. We love it in autumn to create a cosy atmosphere throughout the whole home.
  • Our Amber & Musk eau de toilette combines amber with musk and a hint of jasmine for a more floral take on the amber fragrance. It’s both fresh and alluring and is perfect in the colder seasons. Also, our perfumes come in a handy bottle size that fits perfectly in your handbag, so you can take your favourite scent wherever you go.