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Wild Mint & Lime Room Spray


Give your home an instant uplift of fragrance with our wild mint and lime room spray. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of refreshing mint and zesty lime. Plus, we’ve added a hint of soft spices for warmth.

Our room sprays are perfect for spritzing whenever your home needs a freshen. We particularly love it in the kitchen just after cooking.



Wild Mint & Lime Eau De Toilette


Be transported to the shores of the Caribbean with our Wild Mint and Lime Eau De Toilette. It combines cool mint leaves and zesty limes, for a fresh fragrance that smells beautiful throughout the summer. We’ve also added a soft hint of spice to perfectly balance the aroma.

Our Eau De Toilettes only use the highest quality fragrance oils for a scent that lasts. Plus, our 50ml bottle is perfect for keeping in your handbag, for when you need a quick spritz of fragrance.