Berry Garden Candle


Evoke memories of walking through English woodlands with our cassis candle. The Berry Garden fragrance combines cassis, derived from blackcurrants, jasmine and musk for a sophisticated fragrance. We love to light it as the summer turns into autumn for a rich and clean scent throughout the whole home.

Our luxury scented candles use high-quality fragrance oils to ensure that they burn clean and even for 40 hours. Also, so the scent lasts from the first moment you light the candle, through to the very end.


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Enjoy our rich and clean Berry Garden cassis candle with a perfectly balanced combination of fragrances. With cassis, jasmine and musk it’s reminiscent of walking through a sun-dappled English woodland as the seasons change. It creates a sophisticated scent that we love throughout our whole home, especially during the autumn and winter seasons.

We love to light it on a cosy evening in, or when guests are coming over to create a warm and welcoming environment. The jasmine is especially perfect for this, as it naturally messages the part of the brain that controls emotion to reduce stress and relax you.


Scented Cassis Candle

Each of the candles has 220gms of wax and is designed to burn clean and even. Plus, we hand-pick each of the wicks to ensure the right amount of fragrance is released and they avoid tunnelling. For more information on how to care for your candles, read our blog.

We use a British Fragrance house to hand-pour our candles in the UK and hand-pick each of our oils to create a unique fragrance designed exclusively for us. Also we use a higher quantity of high-quality fragrance oils, so the aroma lasts to the end of the candle.

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Berry Garden Fragrance

Our Berry Garden fragrance creates a wonderful cassis candle that is a warm and welcoming scent for your whole home.

  • Cassis is a blackcurrant scent that is strong, fruity and vibrant. It is a top note that pairs beautifully with floral fragrances, especially jasmine.
  • Jasmine is sweet and uplifting and creates a relaxing environment. It has a sweet and delicate scent.
  • Musk has a very earthy tone that balances the sweetness of the other tones, creating a warm fragrance.

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