Our signature fragrance at All About Eve at Home is No.42. Reminiscent of walking through a Meditterean orchard filled with fresh florals and fruits, it’s perfect all year round.

It combines orange, peach, rose, jasmine and amber for a sophisticated warm fragrance. Additionally rose and jasmine reduces anxiety and stress, and orange oils uplift your mood. So, our signature fragrance is a great choice to create a naturally relaxing atmosphere.

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Eve at No. 42 Signature Candle


Evoke the smell of a Mediterranean orchard with our signature candle. It combines the highest quality fragrance oils to produce a sophisticated scent. With orange, peach, jasmine and rose it brings a beautiful natural aroma into your home. We’ve combined it with amber to create a warm and welcoming fragrance.

Our scented candles burn clean and even for 40 hours. We also use a higher quantity of fragrance oils than conventional scented candles, so the fragrance lasts until the very end.

No.42 Signature Diffuser


Bring in the sophisticated scent of our signature fragrance, No. 42. It combines orange, peach and amber, with hints of rose and jasmine to create a beautiful strong but delicate aroma.

The floral accents mixed with the fruit, bring the scent of a Meditteranean orchard into your home. Plus, the amber adds a richness that makes the scent welcoming. We love putting our reed diffusers by doorways, so you smell then when you walk into a room.

Our reed diffusers are a perfect alternative to candles and last up to 12 weeks.



No.42 Diffuser Refill Oil


No. 42 is our beautiful Signature Candle, a heady mix of orange, peach and amber mixed with pretty rose and jasmine makes this a very sophisticated fragrance.

Our Refill Oils are designed to be used with our diffuser bottle and sticks. Buy the bottle and sticks, keep them and when the oil has evaporated use the matching Refill Oil to top up your bottle.



No.42 Room Spray


No. 42 is our beautiful signature room spray. It combines orange, peach, rose and jasmine for a strong but delicate fragrance. We’ve also added hints of amber for warmth and depth to a unique fragrance.

Our room sprays are perfect for an instant burst of fragrance, evoking memories of Meditteranean orchards throughout your home.



No.42 Signature Eau De Toilette


Be transported to the Mediterranean with our No. 42 signature eau de toilette. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of orange, peach, jasmine and rose. Also, we’ve added a hint of amber for warmth and to create a sophisticated fragrance.

Our Eau de Toilettes only use the highest quality fragrance oils, so that the scent lasts longer. They come in a 50ml bottle, which is the perfect size to take in your handbag, whenever you need a quick spritz.

Eve at No. 42 is our signature scent collection. One of the first fragrances to be developed by Melanie, the owner of All About Eve, it is also one of our top sellers. It’s not hard to understand why, as it’s great all year around.

It combines peach, orange, jasmine and rose for a sophisticated scent. Plus, it has a deep undertone of amber, for warmth.

Additionally, both Jasmine and Rose have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, while orange is naturally uplifting. This makes it one of our most potent scents for creating a calm environment.

Every time you smell the scent, it will transport you to a Mediterranean orchard filled with fresh fruit. Imagine walking through the trees and fresh florals as you breathe in this naturally relaxing scent.


Home Fragrance

Our signature scent comes in a range of home fragrances. Produced in the UK, our classic scented candles use only high-quality fragrance oils. We love to light it in the evening for a moment of pure relaxation.

For a great alternative, place our signature diffuser around the home for 24-hour fragrance. We love it in the bedroom to create a warm and relaxing environment. Also, the rose will help you naturally drift off.

If you need an instant burst of fragrance, try a room spray. Perfect for just before you have people turning up, it will welcome them in.


For a signature perfume that you can take with you wherever you go, try our No.42 perfume. Wear this sophisticated scent all year round, and people will compliment you on the perfectly balanced fragrance.