Give your home a freshen up with one of our room sprays. Our home fragrances are perfect to instantly lift the atmosphere of a room, and leave a lasting fragrance.

They use the same fragrance oils as our candles and diffusers, so make a wonderful addition to your home fragrance set. Spritz your room wherever you need to boost the scent of the room.

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Salcombe Bay Room Spray


Evoke the memories of walking along the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay ocean fragrance. It combines sea salt and a hint of white musk for a clean and fresh aroma.

We use our room sprays to lift the atmosphere of a room instantly. Plus, we use the same high-quality fragrance oils in our room sprays we do in our candles and fragrances for a longer lasting scent than other sprays.


No.42 Room Spray


No. 42 is our beautiful signature room spray. It combines orange, peach, rose and jasmine for a strong but delicate fragrance. We’ve also added hints of amber for warmth and depth to a unique fragrance.

Our room sprays are perfect for an instant burst of fragrance, evoking memories of Meditteranean orchards throughout your home.



Wild Mint & Lime Room Spray


Give your home an instant uplift of fragrance with our wild mint and lime room spray. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of refreshing mint and zesty lime. Plus, we’ve added a hint of soft spices for warmth.

Our room sprays are perfect for spritzing whenever your home needs a freshen. We particularly love it in the kitchen just after cooking.



Citrus Fresh

Our citrus room sprays are perfect in the kitchen or before dinner to eliminate any cooking smells and leave a fresh scent in the air. We’re particularly fond of our new Mint and Lime Fragrance that smells like a Cuban Mojito.


If you’re looking for a botanical fragrance our No.42 Signature room sprays combine peach, jasmine and rose for a sophisticated home fragrance. Plus, our Herb Garden fragrance is perfect to bring in a fresh scent for spring. It combines pine, rosemary and lavender for an uplifting boost.

Summer Spirit

Remember the smell of the beach with our Salcome Bay Room Spray, that will bring back the scent of the sea into your living room. If you want a more tropical fragrance, try our new Bali Beach which combines coconut, almond and vanilla to make your home smell like summer.