A home fragrance is a perfect way to set the tone of your home. We love walking in a being greeted by aromas from a fragrance diffuser or relaxing in the bath with scented candles. Plus, our room sprays give you a boost of freshness when you need to lighten up your home.

Enjoy the botanical smells of a herb garden, the warmth of black pomegranate or choose a scent to complement every season. We only use the highest quality fragrance oils to ensure that the scent lasts from start to finish. Also, everything is produced here in the UK, so we can ensure the highest standards.

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Rose and Geranium Diffuser Refill Oil


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!! Our lovely Flower Garden fragrance that was one of our originals has returned with a new name as a diffuser.   With a hint of Geranium, Vanilla and Violet, this is a sophisticated floral fragrance.

Our Refill Oils are designed to be used with our diffuser bottle and sticks. Buy the bottle and sticks, keep them and when the oil has evaporated use the matching Refill Oil to top up your bottle.

Salcombe Bay Room Spray


Evoke the memories of walking along the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay ocean fragrance. It combines sea salt and a hint of white musk for a clean and fresh aroma.

We use our room sprays to lift the atmosphere of a room instantly. Plus, we use the same high-quality fragrance oils in our room sprays we do in our candles and fragrances for a longer lasting scent than other sprays.


No.42 Room Spray


No. 42 is our beautiful signature room spray. It combines orange, peach, rose and jasmine for a strong but delicate fragrance. We’ve also added hints of amber for warmth and depth to a unique fragrance.

Our room sprays are perfect for an instant burst of fragrance, evoking memories of Meditteranean orchards throughout your home.



Wild Mint & Lime Room Spray


Give your home an instant uplift of fragrance with our wild mint and lime room spray. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of refreshing mint and zesty lime. Plus, we’ve added a hint of soft spices for warmth.

Our room sprays are perfect for spritzing whenever your home needs a freshen. We particularly love it in the kitchen just after cooking.