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For a scent that will last the whole summer season, try our summer diffusers. They’re perfect to evoke memories of holidays and bring joy into your home. From the invigorating orange & eucalyptus to the calming coconut and rose, there is a whole range of beautiful summer scents.

Each of our reed diffusers is made in the UK, using only high-quality fragrance oils to ensure the scent lasts up to 3 months. Also, we produce a range of refills and new reeds, so you can just replace them whenever required.

Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, creates each fragrance, to ensure they are unique and to evoke memories of joy. Find a diffuser scent that to suit your home and mood.

Summer Diffusers

Bali Beach

Evoke memories of relaxing on warm white sands of Bali, with our perfect holiday fragrance. With a perfectly balanced combination of warm coconut, almond and vanilla it will bring joy throughout your whole home. Also, we’ve added a bergamot and orange citrus oils to uplift and create freshness.

We love to place these summer diffusers in the living room, to create a welcoming atmosphere that you can also relax in.

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Salcombe Bay

For a crisp and invigorating scent that will bring life throughout your home, try our Salcombe Bay diffuser. With sea salt, white musk, orange and eucalyptus it is wonderfully clean and fresh.

It’s perfect to transport yourself to the British Seaside every time you breathe it in. We particularly love it in high traffic areas, like the kitchen to cut through any cooking smells and leave a clean scent.

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Eve at No.42

Our signature fragrance is the perfect scent for all year around. However, we particularly love it in the summer. With its combination of orange, peach, jasmine, rose and vanilla it’s reminiscent of a warm day in a Meditteranean orchard.

Plus rose and jasmine have been shown to reduce anxiety, so a great scent on a warm summer’s evening to take some time and relax.

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Wild Mint & Lime

For a fragrance that will freshen up any space and evoke memories of drinking Mojitos on the shores of the Caribbean, try our Wild Mint and Lime.

The citrus oils cut through any cooking scents, so place it in your kitchen for a fresh scent that will last up to 12 weeks.

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Rose & Geranium

One of our favourite fragrances, that we have recently re-released is Rose & Geranium. Part of our floral range, it combines rose, geranium, violet and vanilla for the smell of an English Rose Garden in the height of summer.

We love it in the bedroom on a warm summer’s evening, as the fragrances naturally reduce stress and help you sleep.

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