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A spring fragrance can make your home feel fresh and uplifted after a long winter.

We create each spring fragrance with your home in mind. Carefully designed by Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, the scents evoke memories of crisp mornings, herbal gardens and the first sight of flowers in spring.

Our scents are then turned into luxury scented candles, spring reed diffusers, room sprays and perfumes by a British Fragrance House. They’re made using the highest quality fragrance oils to ensure the aromas last both inside and outside of your home.

Our Spring Fragrances

Rose & Geranium

Rose & Geranium is a unique spring fragrance. English Rose combined with Vanilla, Violet and Geranium for a sophisticated and elegant floral scent. It evokes memories of walking through the traditional Rose Gardens, full of blooming florals.

It’s the perfect scent in your bedroom to get you up on cold spring mornings, with its fresh floral scent. Plus, rose oils help to reduce stress and induce sleep, so perfect to help you drift off into a restful night’s sleep.

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Herb Garden

Evoke memories of walking through a walled Victorian herb garden with our most popular spring fragrance. With a combination of Pine, lavender, rosemary and basil, it’s both fresh and uplifting throughout your whole home.

We love to place one of our spring diffusers in high traffic areas to create a welcoming atmosphere or light a candle next to the front door to invite people in, whatever the weather.

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White Gardenia

As one of our more traditional floral fragrances, there is nothing better to signal the change of the season than with our White Gardenia scent. With jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia it creates an elegant floral aroma. Plus, we’ve added notes of mandarin and bergamot for freshness that uplifts and revives your home.

The citrus scents naturally help bring joy to your home, so place this spring fragrance in your living room to bring happiness all day long.

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Eve at No. 42

Our signature fragrance, Eve at No.42, is wonderful all year round. However, with its delicate combination of peach, rose, jasmine and orange, it brings your house to life in spring. It suits any home whatever the weather with its sophisticated fragrance.

It’s perfect on a spring evening as the sun is setting, as it evokes memories of walking through Mediterranean gardens. Alternatively, use our No. 42 spring diffuser to create an elegant fragrance all day long.

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