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Black Pomegranate Candle


Bring the rich and warm fragrance of our black pomegranate candle into your home. We love the combination of pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli to create a relaxing environment. Plus the hint of rose lifts the fragrance to give it a beautiful floral freshness.

Our candles burn for 40 hours and they burn clean and even right to the very bottom. The scent will last until the very end of the candle, as we use the highest quality fragrance oils.

Black Pomegranate Diffuser


Enjoy the warm and rich aroma of our black pomegranate fragrance. It combines the fragrance oils of pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli, with a hint of rose. We believe it’s the perfect touch to add to your living room to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Fragrance diffusers make a great alternative to candles. Reeds draw up the oils to release them 24-hours a day into your room, that lasts up to 12 weeks.


Herb Garden Candle


Our Herb Garden candle brings in the scents of a Victorian walled garden into your home. It combines scents of pine, lavender with hints of rosemary for the perfect relaxing fragrance.

It’s the perfect aromatherapy candle to light in the bath as the fragrance oils are calming and can reduce stress after a long day. It also burns clean and even for approximately 40 hours.


Herb Garden Diffuser


Bring in the scent of a botanical garden into your home, with our Herb Garden fragrance. It’s a beautiful blend of lavender, rosemary and pine; invoking the aromas of the lavender fields in Provence.

Our reed diffusers are an excellent alternative to candles with 24-fragrance, that last 12 weeks. We love placing the herb garden fragrance near the front and back door to create a relaxing atmosphere when guests enter your home.

Eve at No. 42 Signature Candle


Evoke the smell of a Mediterranean orchard with our signature candle. It combines the highest quality fragrance oils to produce a sophisticated scent. With orange, peach, jasmine and rose it brings a beautiful natural aroma into your home. We’ve combined it with amber to create a warm and welcoming fragrance.

Our scented candles burn clean and even for 40 hours. We also use a higher quantity of fragrance oils than conventional scented candles, so the fragrance lasts until the very end.

No.42 Signature Diffuser


Bring in the sophisticated scent of our signature fragrance, No. 42. It combines orange, peach and amber, with hints of rose and jasmine to create a beautiful strong but delicate aroma.

The floral accents mixed with the fruit, bring the scent of a Meditteranean orchard into your home. Plus, the amber adds a richness that makes the scent welcoming. We love putting our reed diffusers by doorways, so you smell then when you walk into a room.

Our reed diffusers are a perfect alternative to candles and last up to 12 weeks.



Take a look at our range of homeware gifts from candles to reed diffusers; there is something for every home. We produce or hand-pick each of our products, so they are unique to All About Eve at Home.

We love finding homeware gifts that are special to you. So, your friends, family and loved ones will love receiving them as much you enjoy choosing them.

Our Homeware gifts

A British fragrance house in the UK makes all our hand-poured scented candles. Also, each scent is hand-designed by Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, to ensure they’re unique and beautiful.

All our fragrances are also available as Reed Diffusers. They are perfect for helping your scent last 24 hours a day. Plus they last up to 3 months so that you can enjoy them for even longer.

Our fragrances

We love our new range of summer fragrances. From walking the beach of Bali to enjoying the British seaside, these fragrances are designed to evoke joy and memories of holidays past. If you’re looking for something fresh, try our Wild Mint and Lime fragrance that smells like Mojitos. Alternatively, our Rose and Geranium floral fragrance adds a light floral scent that reminds us of walking through a Rose Garden in the summer.

The Herb Garden fragrance is one of our most popular, as it is reminiscent of a Victorian walled garden filled with lavender, rosemary and other herbs. We love it by the front or back door for a fragrance that invites you in.

One of our top homeware gifts is our No. 42 Signature Fragrance reed diffuser. It reminds of a Meditteranean orchard rich with fruit, as it combines peach, orange, rose and amber fragrances. It is perfect in the living room for a warm and relaxing fragrance all day long.