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Bergamot fragrance is derived from the citrus fruit bergamot. Grown in Southern Italy, it’s an inedible, bitter orange that looks like a lime. The fragrance oil comes from the rind of the fruit, which you may also know creates the distinctive Earl Grey flavour.

It has a more rounded fragrance compared to other citrus notes, like Orange, which makes it very sought after by perfumers. We love it to balance and add freshness to our fragrances.


Our favourite scents with bergamot fragrance

  • Our Bali Beach scent combines bergamot with almond, vanilla and coconut for a distinctive summer fragrance. It evokes memories of walking along white sandy beaches. So, we love it around the house all summer. No matter what the British weather is doing, your home will bring your memories of your last summer holiday.
  • Try the Dark Amber fragrance for a more traditional scent. It’s a perfect combination of leather, cedar, patchouli and spices. Plus, we’ve added a hint of bergamot to lift and balance the fragrance. It is reminiscent of traditional tobacco shops filled with deep leather chairs. Therefore, we love to light it in the colder seasons to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • For a more delicate floral fragrance, our White Gardenia scent is perfect. It combines all our favourite florals, gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle, with a hint of bergamot. Therefore, bringing the smell of spring into your home with its vibrant floral scent. We love it at entrances to the house to welcome you home or to wake your house from a sleepy winter.