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Energy-Boosting Citrus Scents for Autumn

Find a scent that will naturally lift your mood this Autumn

With winter around the corner and the days getting darker we’ve put together our list of the perfect scent remedies for lowe energy levels.

Fragrances to reduce anxiety & stress

Find some relief in these unprecedented times.

With anxiety and stress at an all time high, we’ve put together our top scents that will help you naturally find some calm and relaxation

Summer fragrances that will bring you joy

Evoke memories of the summer with fragrance

Find out about our brand new summer fragrances that are each designed to evoke memories of holidays and bring joy into your home. We’re struggling to pick our favourite!

The story of All About Eve at Home

How Melanie started producing scented candles

After working for The White Company developing their scented candles, Melanie wanted to create her own range of affordable candles for every home.

Our top tips on candle care

How to take care of your candles

Get the most out of your candles with our tips on candle care. Follow these easy instructions to have a candle that smells and looks fantastic for longer.

Sleep-inducing scents for a restful night

Five fragrances that will help you slumber

Nearly 50% of Britons toss and turn every night, so we looked into why certain scents can help you slumber. Plus we picked our top five to help you find what works for you.